Ghana Student Delegation visits Pune to Study Waste Management

A delegation of students from Ghana recently visited India to study the waste management system. Inspired by the Swachh Bharat Mission, the Government of Ghana and Acreaty Management Consultant Pvt. Ltd. jointly funded and selected ten students from engineering, science, and management to study the waste management techniques in India. Environmental Sciences Research Foundation (ESRF India) based in Delhi was the knowledge partner for this delegation. Rakesh Solanki, the president of ESRF guided students through their visits in Delhi, Pune and Hyderabad.

Assistant Municipal Commissioner Alice Pore presenting the Pune Garbage Scenario with Janwani Team to the Student Delegation from Ghana

Visit to Pune

The students arrived in Pune on November 13, 2016. Alice Pore, Assistant Municipal Commissioner, organized an event to let students participate in Janwani’s daily activities of door to door awareness, waste collection and segregation techniques. Further the students were also exposed to the street plays and poster presentation, so as to learn the methods of spreading awareness among the citizens. When asked why they chose to visit Pune, Solanki said, “The city called as the Oxford of East is a treasure of science and cultural diversity. Pune is the only city of India where the garbage reduction, reusing and recycling techniques are practiced at higher levels. Besides this, here we can also observe the collaborative efforts taken by NGO’s and Municipal Corporation”.

Meeting at MCCIA

Interaction and Exchange of Ideas with the student delegation 

In the presence of Joint Municipal Commissioner Suresh Jagtap, the meeting with the students was held at MCCIA in association with Swachh Bharat, Pune Municipal Corporation and Janwani. Alice Pore headed the meeting by introducing students to the waste statistics of Pune. Ms. Kishori Gadre and Saroj Badgujar from Janwani and team AaglaWegla, Ms. Aparna from Swachh and Mr. Tushar Bandopadhyay of Indian Centre for Plastic in the Enviornment, also presented their work in garbage collection and management. Lastly, Jagtap expressed his views on how Ghana should develop the approach towards sustainable future and inspired the students to carry out their work in waste management.

A long way to go

Punekars, we have set an example for others to follow our path. Yes, this is a memorable moment but we have to accomplish our mission of Zero Garbage and inspire many others to do the same. Punekars, lets segregate the waste at source and keep our city clean.

–Filed by Omkar Nikam


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