‘Every Punekar has a role to play in City’s Waste Management’

Kunal Kumar, Municipal Commissioner of Pune has appealed to people to support the solid waste management campaign that Pune Municipal Corporation is conducting in association with Janwani’s Aagla Wegla and SWaCH. He has urged people to contribute in making Pune a smart and clean city by segregating waste at their homes.

We are dealing with a big problem of waste management in the city and the problem seems to be huge. But every Punekar has a small role to play to solve this problem. If we start by a small step at our homes and that is to properly segregate the waste into Wet & Dry and hand it in the same way to the waste collector who comes at our doorstep. This practice will have a huge impact and take us very close to solving the city’s problem. I understand that city’s problem is huge but such small initiatives that we take at our homes are going to decide if we will be able to manage the waste or not.

We have led the country in many fields, we should do that in waste management as well. This is the right time that Pune takes up this challenge. Every Punekar must say that ‘Yes, I will segregate my waste into dry & wet and only then I will hand it over to the waste collector.’

If we can take up this challenge, if we can do this much for the city, I am sure we would be able to solve Pune’s garbage problem.

‘Keep your dry and wet waste separate and hand it over separately to the waste collector’   


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