For the Sustainable Future!

Team Aagla Wegla kickstarts its Slum Awareness campaign at Hadapsar…  

Pune city, well known as the Oxford of east has a lot stories to tell about the uprising social change. Let’s have a look at the waste management initiative of Aagla-Wegla and Pune Municipal Corporation in Hadapsar Slum area of Pune.

The residential people in Hadapsar Slum belong to ‘Wadar’ community. With low literacy rate and unawareness about eco-friendly values, the community is unknown to the harmful effects of open garbage dumping. The adverse effects of open dumping leads to the spread of viral disease along with contaminating the natural resources like water. Therefore, Team Aagla-Wegla and PMC is working hard to eradicate open dumping activities and spreading awareness about segregating waste at source in Hadapsar Slum.

_dsc8419Team Aagla-Wegla announcing the waste awareness program in the narrow pavements of Hadapsar slum. Irrespective of cultural differences, the people’s cooperation was really appreciable in the awareness campaign. Team Aagla-Wegla’s enthusiasm and hard work gave a distinctive identity to the awareness campaign.


_dsc8437Anjanabai Jadhav, a local resident of slum addressing local people to gather for Aagla-Wegla’s skit play. Jadhav’s participation was an uplifting moment for waste awareness campaign. Looking at her participation, the localites were equally excited to interact with Team Aagla-Wegla.


_dsc8444Hadapsar Slum community encouraging Team Aagla-Wegla as they perform the skit play on awareness of segregating waste at source. It was this memorable moment in the campaign that created curiosity among local people to learn more about the safety techniques of waste disposal. The rhythm of wadar music added a crisp to Aagla-Wegla’s skit play creating an ambiance of joy and happiness.


_dsc8514Members of Team Aagla-Wegla conducting Door-To-Door awareness about keeping wert & dry waste separately at home. The Team was split into the group of two. Every group interacted with local people to resolve their problems of waste disposal and make them aware about the harmful effects of open waste dumping. The curiosity of local people in the picture delivers a strong message that they are willing to adapt a sustainable environment.

Team Aagla-Wegla with Hadapsar Slum residents after conducting awareness about open garbage dumping. The awareness program had a cheerful ending but this was equally a great beginning towards zero garbage. Team Aagla-Wegla’s effort and the evolving hearts of slum residents rejuvenates a hope of clean and sustainable future.

-Photo Story by Omkar Nikam


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