5 Important Reasons to Segregate Waste at Source

‘Cleanliness’ has been the buzzword since India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’. One of the most important issues that this mission highlights is of waste management.

Solid waste management as a term may sound a bit technical for all of us but it’s actually simple.  The result of any solid waste management programme is to achieve 100% recycling and reduce the dumping of waste to 0%.  How can we achieve this? Well Segregation of waste into Wet & Dry at Source i.e. our homes, offices and shops and handing over the waste separately is the only solution to this growing problem.

So, here are the Five reasons that will motivate you to keep the garbage at your home completely segregated.

1.It Reduces Health Risks


Viral diseases literally attacked Citizens of Pune recently. The hospital beds were filled with the patients of Malaria, Dengue, Chikugunya etc. Such incidences are a sign that the city is not hygienic enough and it is ridden with piles of garbage on the streets. If we all segregate waste and hand it over in the same fashion to the waste collector, the garbage will go straight to recycling plants for further processing. It resolves the problem of piling garbage on roads and reduces health risks for citizens.

 2.It Reduces Dumping


At least 70% of the 1600 tonnes of garbage generated by Pune is sent to be dumped at Urali Devachi. This dumping has deeply affected the personal and social life of villagers. The dumped waste also emits hazardous gasses and chemicals that are polluting our air and ground water. This can be stopped by properly segregating the waste and recycling it.

3. It Promotes Recycling

Dry waste segregating unit.jpg

Waste becomes completely useless only when it is mixed. Most of the waste generated at our homes and offices, is recyclable. The only way to achieve complete recycling is by segregating it into wet & dry waste. Recycling of waste is not only a sustainable practice but also an industry that has potential to generate a lot of employment.

4. It Makes Waste Collection a Dignified Job


We tend to forget that waste collection is a job and many families depend on it. If we give mixed waste, the waste collectors are forced to segregate it by their own hands. It’s not only unhealthy but also against humanity. Imagine, someone actually going through the waste created by you! It’s time we recognise their right to dignified life and support them by giving segregated waste.

5. A Gift to Next Generation


What we should leave behind for the next generation, is a sustainable lifestyle and a clean & green planet. Pune has a cultural history of so many centuries and its traces are still found in its monuments and people. Segregation of waste should become an inevitable part every home and a tradition that will be passed on to next generations for sustainable living.

–Photos by Omkar Nikam 








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