Five New Year Resolutions for every Punekar

We are all set to welcome 2017 with high hopes and new dreams. But wait, before you start setting your fitness or financial goals for next year, just take a moment and think about your city. Pune is all set to become a smart city but is it going to be sustainable. To make it sustainable, we must make it garbage free.

Following are the Five New Year Resolutions for every Punekar to make Pune a sustainable city.

1. I will keep the waste segregated into wet & dry:


Segregation at source i.e. at home and workplaces is the only solution to solve Pune’s garbage issues. We must make segregation a habit.

2. I will handover the segregated waste to the waste collector at my doorstep:


There is no need to go anywhere to throw your waste. All of us need to handover the segregated waste to the waste collector and make sure that waste segregated by us is also collected in the same manner every day.

3. I will pay the waste collector Rs. 50 every month on time:


Remember that Pune Municipal Corporation does not pay waste collectors. They are entrepreneurs and provide the collection service at the cost of Rs. 50 per home. Our timely payments can help their children go to school.

4. I will not throw any E- waste into regular waste:


E-waste can be dangerous for waste collectors as the dysfunctional electronic items emit hazardous chemicals and can cause injuries as well. So, let us all make sure that we give it separately to certified E-waste collectors.

5. I will keep my city Clean:

DCIM100MEDIADJI_0032.JPGPhoto Source:

Pune has a great potential to be one of the cleanest cities in the world. This dream can become reality, if we all make segregation of waste a habit. Let us all say ‘No to Mixed Waste & Yes to Recycling’.

-Filed by Neha Ghatpande


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