When Awareness Brings Change…!

The residents of Baner-Balewadi are making waste segregation their daily habit…

Baner-Balewadi used to be a place where mixed waste collection and open dumping activities were common for every home. There was an urgent need of spreading awareness about segregating the waste at source and that’s where team Aagla-Wegla came into the picture.

Team Aagla-Wegla in association with Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and Cummins India Pvt. Ltd. has been organizing rallies, street plays and Door-To-Door waste awareness campaigns in Baner-Balewadi region. Most of the rallies and awareness programmes have witnessed huge attendance from the locals. While appreciating the efforts of Aagla Wegla campaign, most of the citizens of the area have started segregating waste at their home. Segregation of waste at source is the only solution for Pune’s waste management problems. Residents of Baner-Balewadi have realized it and have started doing their bit.

Let’s have a look at the beautiful moments from this awareness campaign.


Members of Team Aagla-Wegla and Cummins India Ltd. all set to conduct the waste awareness program. With the help of Mr. Jalindar Chandgude, Sanitation Inspector, PMC, a rally was conducted on the streets of Baner-Balewadi. And it was indeed a great start to spread awareness of waste segregation.


Members of Cummins India Ltd. holding a banner about segregating waste at source. As the rally passed through different shops and residential areas, people were curiously looking at the banners. This curiosity later made them to step out of their homes and participate in the rally. The creative banners acted as the essence of gathering crowd which ultimately gave a success to this program.


Team Aagla-Wegla’s street play on daily littering habits is one-of-its-kind to engage people in waste management activities. The street play delivers a strong message about the importance of segregating waste at source. This play encouraged many people to interact with the members of Aagla-Wegla to learn the applications of segregated waste.


These young and inquisitive minds from Pune are telling us that the future of waste management is in safe hands. Team Aagla-Wegla conducted an interactive session in which the school going children participated with an enthusiasm to answer the questions on waste issues. These ultimate scenes of learning with joy gives our country a hope to progress towards zero garbage.


A Door-To-Door campaign is regularly conducted to spread awareness about segregating waste at source. As many people, have already started giving away the waste in segregated form, there are few residents who are still unaware about the adverse effects of giving away the mixed garbage. Therefore, it is necessary for Team Aagla-Wegla with the members of SWACH to pay a Door-To-Door visit and make people aware about segregating waste at source.


This just the beginning, Team Aagla-Wegla’s hard work is giving the valuable results in Baner-Balewadi. With the daily improvisation in the collection of segregated waste and eradication of dumping activities, we will soon achieve the target of zero garbage.

Baner-Balewadi can become an example for all Punekar’s! If you want your city to be Smart and clean then you must start segregating waste at source and make it a habit!

-Files and Photos by Omkar Nikam


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