‘On a Mission to Make Pune a Garbage Free City’

The Adar Poonawalla Clean City Initiative completes one year in Pune, let’s take a look at their journey till now…

In the year 2016, Pune became the only city to have Public-Private partnership to deal with its rising waste management issues. With Rs. 100 crore dedicated to making Pune cleanest city in India, the Adar Poonawalla Clean City (APCC) Initiative has spread in the city with its innovative waste management techniques.  

Adar Poonawalla while observing the waste management issues of Pune, further realized that there should be an improvisation in management and support of government system to allocate funding for waste management issues. With rising problem of open dumping and mixed waste collection, The Poonawalla Group has taken up this challenge of making Pune a place with absolute zero garbage with the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC).

Adar Poonawalla Clean City Initiative(APCC)

The Clean City Initiative is a joint social responsibility undertaken by Serum Institute of India and Mr. Adar Poonawalla to make Pune a better place. They also conduct waste awareness and garbage collection activities with Janwani. APCC implements scientific management techniques to boost the waste management system efficiently. It also provides support to Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) for collection of street waste through various state-of-the-art machines. The most important focus of APCC is to manage the organic waste.

Due to improper disposal of organic materials there are many outbreaks of viral diseases, skin infection and adverse effects on environment. As the organic matter decays, faster it spreads an offensive odor which uplifts the number of mosquitoes and harmful bacteria. As per the current estimates 52-55% of waste in nature is organic. The recycling or generation of energy from organic waste is possible only segregating it from the dry waste. APCC ensures the segregated (wet and dry) collection of waste from the source to reduce the landfills to make use of urban city lands for more productive purposes.

Street Waste Collection Support for Pune Municipal Corporation:

The APCC initiative also supports Pune Municipal Corporation(PMC) for the garbage collection and waste awareness activities across the city. Following are the initiatives undertaken by APCC in association:

  • Installation of waste/litter bins from every 100-200m on both sides covering commercial and busy roads in Pune
  • Support vehicles and manpower for clearance of litter from litter bins.
  • Litter picking from footpaths.
  • Clearing chronic waste dumping spots across the city.
  • Information and outreach programs to educate citizens for segregating waste source and disposal using waste bins.

Equipments for Garbage Collection

  1. Glutton:


The Litter Picking Machine also called as Glutton is being exhibited by APCC group in an evironmental awareness program at Salisbury Park.

The Glutton is an electric battery powered machine which is designed on the principle of vacuum. These machines have a capacity of working for 8 hours with a single stroke of battery charge. They are movable in almost any direction and even on the narrow roads of Pune city. Handled by a single operator, Glutton currently works from 9 AM to 6 PM every day in Pune. APCC has installed these machines in varies parts of Pune city to clear all the street waste.

2. Tipper:


Mini pickup truck mounted Garbage Tipper for collection of segregated (wet and dry) waste

The Tipper is a common waste picking mini truck but with two separate compartments of wet and dry waste. APCC has deployed numerous garbage Tipper across the city. As the Tipper collects the segregated waste from the different parts of the city, people themselves become aware of segregating waste at source.

3. Suction Machine Mounted on a Mini Truck:


Mini pickup truck mounted Litter Picking Machine

The Suction Machine makes many things easy for collecting the street waste. The waste pickers don’t have to make their hands dirty while collecting the waste. As the Suction Machine is mounted on a mini truck it has a huge capacity of collecting the waste with its 8-inch hose.

4. Mechanical Road Sweeper:


Photo Caption: Truck mounted vacuum assisted Mechanical Road Sweeper

 The truck mounted vacuum assisted Mechanical Road Sweeper are deployed in different parts of the city to keep the roads clean. This heavy machine has the capacity of sweeping for approximately 40Kms of road in one shift.

The Promising Future

The APCC initiative gives a hope to the society by taking up this challenge of zero waste. It is not only the science that make our city a better place but the leaders who inspire others to follow their path. The change is driven by action and we the people of Pune will support this initiative by APCC to segregate the waste at source and keep our city clean.

-Filed by Omkar Nikam.


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