Towards A New Beginning

Team Aagla Wegla’s waste awareness campaign in Katraj is now giving the valuable results as people themselves have started segregating waste at source. 
“We are thankful to the cooperation of all the people from Katraj who have made it possible to segregate waste at source and now we are encouraging them to progress towards zero garbage”, says Sameer Ajagekar of Aagla Wegla. Let’s have look a look at the segregation and collection of waste in Katraj. 
The organized way of handing over segregated garbage to the waste collector displays the immense discipline among the people of Katraj. This changing scenario will definitely be an ultimate motivation to other Punekars. 
Even the senior citizens are stepping ahead to achieve the goal of zero garbage. And we are proud to have such people in our society who are encouraging the youth and other senior citizens to segregate waste at source. 
An average life of waste picker is less than a comman man. Being a waste picker is not easy, so Punekars please segregate waste at source not only to keep our city clean but also to keep our surroundings healthy. 
This is how it looks when a segregated waste of Katraj is dropped at a feeder point. Team Aagla Wegla’s hardwork is paying off in Katraj and we encourage all Punekars to segregate waste at source and progress towards zero garbage. 
-Filed and Photos by Omkar Nikam. 

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