Aagla-Wegla E-waste Drive: Utilizing The E-waste for A Better Future

The world of electronics has progressed to a great extent since its inception in the early 20th century. This transformation has given rise to the digital technology, which eventually has made us dependent on different electronic  products. You’ll be often wondering that how does this contribute to the waste factors. Well almost every individual has now acquired devices like mobile, laptop, music player, etc. These things become outdated very early because today an individual has a lot varieties to purchase as per the needs.  Therefore, these unused and outdated electronic products are referred as Electronic waste/E-waste.

With the advancement in technology, a city like Pune is now a major landmark of IT industry and automobile manufacturers. It is the need of the hour for every Punekar to be aware of what these technological trails leave behind. After a detail study of reusable and recyclable electronic products, Janwani has started the E-waste collection drive since 2013. These drives are now conducted as part of the zero-garbage campaign named ‘Aagla Wegla’ in association with Cummins India Ltd.

What is an E-waste drive?


Aagla-Wegla’s E-waste drive poster

The collection of unused and outdated electronic products and handing it over to the formal sector of E-waste dismantler and recyclers is called an E-waste drive. Punekars, never give away your E-waste to the scrap dealers or any other informal sectors. It is because, Government of India has introduced a License of E-waste management through which only a skilled and knowledgeable organization or an individual can collect, dismantle and recycle the E-waste.

How it is conducted?

The team of Aagla-Wegla, Cummins India Ltd and PMC officials conduct a meeting with the Chairman/Head of the housing society, School and commercial sectors to organize an E-waste drive. After their approval, a door to door campaign along with pamphlet distribution of E-waste awareness is initiated prior to the E-waste collection.


Photo Caption: Member of Team Aagla-Wegla Conducting door to door E-waste awareness campaign at Dhayari in Pune.

The Aagla-Wegla E-waste drive is also supported by Pune Municipal Corporation(PMC) and it is conducted with respect to three categories:

1. Housing societies

2. School

3. Commercial Sectors (Shops and Offices)


Photo Caption: E-waste awareness at commercial electronic shops on JM Road in Pune.

So, if you feel that your society, office or home consists of E-waste, then do contact us to organize an E-waste drive. Residents, students and or professionals are expected to participate in this drive. They are encouraged to hand over dysfunctional electronic items to the team members of Aagla Wegla present at the respective society, schools, or commercial offices or complex.

 The Utilization of E-waste


E-waste donation by residents of Kharadi in Pune.

 Everyone has got one common question about how and where do we utilize this E-waste?? Here is the answer, after the collection, the reusable materials are sent to Cummins and the recyclable materials are send to Maharashtra Pollution Control Board(MPCB). On the other hand, Cummins also refurbishes the reusable materials and donates it to the needy ones. Since the inception of Aagla-Wegla’s E-waste drive, there is a total collection of more than 15 tonnes. Whereas the collection of 2016 itself is 10 tonnes and counting.

Advantage of giving away your E-waste to Aagla-Wegla


Collection E-waste in Dhanori by Members of team Aagla-Wegla and Cummins India Ltd.

Aagla-Wegla hands over the collected E-waste to the licensed dismantler and recycler through which an E-waste donor is indirectly bringing a social change. Most of the E-waste has a high economic value and if properly dismantled it can replace the raw materials for new production. Platinum is the most common element found in every electronic product. It can be extracted very well only if the E-waste is dismantled in a proper manner. Similarly, E-waste also consists of hazardous metals, radioactive elements and chemicals that are extremely dangerous to the living species. Giving away your E-waste to Aagla-Wegla assures that your donation is in safe hands which will be further utilized for the productive purposes.

-Filed and Photos by Omkar Nikam


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