Motivating Young Minds for E-waste Management

The E-waste drawing competitions held by Aagla-Wegla in association with Cummins India Ltd enlighten students about e-waste management

Drawing competitions- a medium to foster the awareness about E-waste

‘A man is handing over his out-of-order fridge to the waste picker. But the waste picker, without any trouble hands it over to the factory. Because fridge is not a regular dry waste, it is e-waste.’ This is nothing but a description of a simple drawing by a child. This drawing not only conveys a message but also proves for the fact that children can be great initiators for change. 


Any child is seen to be happy while drawing. Drawing opens the gates of his imagination and stimulates his thinking. The whole idea behind the e-waste drawing competition is to let children come up with their own perception of the issue of e-waste management and to understand its importance.

“Our aim is to spread awareness regarding the E-waste among young minds. We wish to encourage them to become future leaders of the E-waste management”, says Vrunda Desai, junior manager, Cummins India Ltd.


With this motive, Team Aagla-Wegla in association with Cummins India Ltd had come up with the E-waste drawing competitions in different public and private schools in Pune. This initiative is also supported by Pune Municipal Corporation.

Till now 3,602 students of class five to nine from 14 different schools have participated in the E-waste drawing competition.

Orientation-Imagination-Expression about the E-waste

The event begins with a brief a presentation and video clips on E-waste. This is conducted prior to the competition, so that students get a clear idea about the ever rising E-waste and different ways to tackle this problem.


“Having a prior interaction in the form of audio-visual helps the students to be engaged. They also get the joy of learning by a different way rather than the traditional methods of teaching,” says Sampat Khaire, manufacturing engineer, Cummins India Ltd.


There is also a quiz competition that is conducted as part of the orientation. It helps students know certain unknown facts about E-waste and boosts their imagination.


A comic book along with the drawing sheet is given to the students as a source of reference. “Having a reference material helps students to increase their level of imagination. We also come across a few students who are not much familiar with electronic products. This piece of information helps them to learn about the E-waste”, says Sulbha Thopte from team Aagla-Wegla.


Educating the young: An attempt for our sustainable future

Educating the students means educating the whole new generation! When the next generation is informed, we are soon to progress towards a sustainable future. 

Team Aagla-Wegla and Cummins India Ltd is planning to organize this competition in more schools around the city. With an equal support from Pune Municipal Corporation, we are sure that we will reach maximum number of children and their parents soon.

-Filed by Omkar Nikam


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